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Christopher Little is a Toronto-based performer, writer, multimedia artist and “treader of the renaissance path.”  As a graduate of both the Ontario College of Art and Design as well as Sheridan College, Christopher has followed his artistic muse across a variety of disciplines – having been involved in projects running the gamut from the stage to the page, with a number of gallery walls thrown in for good measure.   It has been, and continues to be, an exciting voyage of discovery…..

Artistic Inquisition

What is art?…Art is the translation of the world around us into words and phrases, photographs and canvases, art takes vague ideas and turning them into something more concrete, rendered in concrete, or whatever materials are at hand. Art is approachable, art is ….the devil – for those haunted by its relentless demands!

Is art important? …only so much as history is important, for without art there is no history, and dare not we forget the past…

Who are your Art Role Model(s)? …anyone that’s broken the mold, gone against the grain, latched on to a broken branch and refused to let go despite the precarious nature of the position. My respect, and admiration, goes out to those that have stayed true to their own vision/voice and just kept at it despite the insurmountable odds that most “creators” face. Asked to name a few I could:

Ilya Kabakov; Hundertwasser; Leonard Cohen; Jeff Buckley; Greg Curnoe; Terry Reid, there’s many, many more, ask and ye shall receive!

You’re having an intimate dinner party, and can invite anyone from the annals of time, who are your guests?

Malcolm X for a little enlightened controversy.

Johnny Cash for some musicality.

Richard Pryor for some hilarity.

Leonardo da Vinci for some intellectual curiosity.

James little for some absurd questioning.

Queen Elizabeth I for a splash of royalty.

The digital revolution- a boon or a bane to the creation of art? …both! A boon for the possibilities that it enables but a bane because too many empty ideas & messages are getting in the way of things that really matter, digital hoarders one and all.

If you could ensconce yourself in any period in the history of humankind- when? where? why?…Berlin, late 1920’s, when the talent was wide eyed, the dialogue flowed freely and everything seemed possible.

What inspires you? …the diversity of the world, from left to right it’s all so unique.

Do you have a muse? ….yes, and she gives me fuel, for thought.

What’s your secret? …I’m a crack-a-dawner.

Where are we going? …round in circles-without even moving-and we’re all getting so dizzy.

What can’t you live without? …a pen and Paper- all else that matters will follow.

Your favorite dish/food/nosh? …my kingdom for a Frozen Banana!

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