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WHAT is Art?

WHERE is Art?

Art is everything, art is everywhere, and thanks to modern technology, art is accessible for all to see. Gone are the days when art was geographic-specific, geographic-dependent, for the techno-lution has come, and upended the system. Form follows function? Or perhaps instead form IS the function. Democracy speaks loud and clear at Expo Boho, where those with an artistic bent are given a venue to showcase their voice, their vision, carry out their mission, whatever that mission’s goal may be. Art for the masses? Check. Art of the niches? Check. Art to go? We’re mobile-ready so bring-it-on!

Be it by phone, by screen, by tablet, or whatever your connection means may be, Expo Boho is as accessible as you are, for technology is our ally.

Galleries of old where have you gone? One by one disappeared – brought down by your archaic principles and “rules”:

Your operating hours?                 Too few

Ours?                                                    Operating Hours? Please, we never close!            

Your exhibitions?                           Slow, predictable and so un-interactive

Ours?                                                    Jazzy, spazzy, and dialogue most encouraged

Governing Ideology?                    20th century ideals (shaded with a 19th century palate for “authenticity”)

Ours?                                                    Buzzing on the “Shock of the new”

You are?                                              Passe’

We iz?                                                  Exciting

You wear?                                          The Emperor’s new clothes

We put on?                                        Not a thing, because we’re raw and ready!

Find you?                                           On some “hip” street, though you’re constantly changing addresses

Find us?                                              www.expoboho.com

Art is EVERYWHERE, Art is EVERYTHING, from architecture, to design, to photography, to fashion, to LIFE, for art IS life and life IS art…isn’t it? Maybe? Or maybe not…there’s only one way to find out, visit: www.expoboho.com

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